Friday, April 24, 2009


Rwui is a nice interface to create a user friendly web interface for an R script.


(1) you need a Tomcat installation up and running ( Test Tomcat by typing: http://localhost:8080
(2) copying the file "xxx.war" to the Tomcat webapps directory, " "..\Tomcat\webapps\" where Tomcat will automatically unpack and incorporate it.
(3) Test Tomcat by typing: http://localhost:8080/xxx, then Tomcat will automatically unpack and incorporate it
(4) copy and paste the two Rdata files under the folder "..\Tomcat\webapps\xxx\WEB-INF\"
(5) enjoy to run the data interface by http://localhost:8080/xxx

note: In the 'System Variables' box scroll down and select variable 'Path' and press 'Edit'. Add the path to R's bin directory eg by adding something like C:\Program Files\R\R-2.1.0\bin to the ';' separated list.
any problems, you can check the instruction in

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